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MagNic Translation Services offers translation services to companies and individuals. Do you need something translated with a quick and professional turnaround? Welcome to try us out.

Cut your translation expenses by trying us out for your web site, user manual, or whatever you want to have translated.

User Manuals



Web Sites


What we do
We translate source text from Swedish, Czech, and French to English. We also translate text from English to Swedish.

Ask us about translation from English to Russian.

We translate materials in the following areas:

Internet/New Media
Supply Chain
Kitchen Appliances
Garden Tools
Ask Us...

What we don't do
We do not translate Legal Documents and Medical Documents.



About MagNic
The MagNic Company is based just outside of Boston, MA, in the United States. We are a small firm with four employees whose native language is English and Swedish, with Czech and French as a second mother tounge. Because we are a small company with no big expenses such as office space and marketing, we can offer you lower rates than the big translation agencies.

The MagNic Company was founded by Magnus Nicklasson. Magnus has extensive project management experience from Sweden, Germany, and the US. Before starting The MagNic Company, Magnus was a Sr. Project Manager with Instruction Set, where he managed customized development of training material for web or classroom delivery. Besides managing The MagNic Company, Magnus translates material from Swedish to English and from English to Swedish. Other employees are former employees from Instruction Set. As we love to create content and to work with clients from different industries, we decided to set up our own shop.

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Our Methodology
Our client's expectations determine how projects are completed. The alternatives are that we complete projects working closely with our client, with some interaction with the client, or with just minimal interaction with our client. Whatever level of interaction during the project our clients ask for, we promise high quality translations.

All translations are documented in MS Word.

Highlevel Overview of our Methodology


Review source material


Define with client what the objectives of the translation are


Define Scope of Project including Pricing and Schedule


Assigned Translator reviews the source material and creates a bulletted list that
summarizes the content of the source material


Review Summary with Client <optional, depending on client's request>


Translate summary of source material into target language


Review Translated Summary with Client <optional, depending on client's request>


Complete a first draft translation of all source material


Review with Client <optional, depending on client's request>


Develop second draft <optional, depending on client's request>


Review second draft with Client <optional, depending on client's request>


Develop final material and deliver to Client











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Contact Us
For more information about our translation services, please send an e-mail to with you name, address, and telephone number. We will then contact you or send you the information that you request.

The pricing is determined based upon the source text we receive from our clients. We can either give you a fixed price where MagNic takes acommercial risk, or we can price a project based on time and material. Our hourly rate is US $ 50, excluding taxes and expenses.

User Manual
We translate user manuals for any products such as chain saws, digital cameras, palm pilots, wash machines, TVs, cellphones etc. Although we are specialized in the areas listed on our home page, we can certainly also consider translating user manuals for products in other areas after consultation with our client.

If you need to have any documents such as White Papers, Business Plans, Reports, etc. translated, we can do that for you.

We translate articles for magazines and newspapers. If you want to publish your article in one of our languages, let us translate if for you.

Web Sites
To reach customers in other countries, you may want to provide them information in their native language on your web site. We can translate your web site for you.

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